Evac+Chair 440 at Catharina Ziekenhuis General Hospital in Eindhoven

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

<p>The 1-440 Evac+Chair was successfully trialed at the Catharina Ziekenhuis General Hospital in Eindhoven. <img border="5" hspace="5" alt="" vspace="5" align="right" width="250" height="166" src="/uploads/image/Ziekenhuis%20011.JPG" /></p> <p>This is a 696 bed Hospital located in central Eindhoven and has several<br /> buildings including a main 15 storey central block.</p> <p>Mr W.P.J. Roordink, the Health and Safety Co-ordinator at the Hospital<br /> needed 6 stairway evacuation chairs capable of taking passengers and or<br /> patients up to 200kgs in weight safely down stairs in the event of an<br /> emergency evacuation. During the trials one of the main evacuation<br /> staircases registered a 45 degree angle of descent, some 5 degrees<br /> steeper than the upper limit of our standard model 1-300H.</p> <p>Mr Roordink was delighted with the results and commented &quot;We have many obese patients admitted to the hospital and we need to plan for every situation to the best of our ability. Being able to turn to&nbsp;Evac+Chair International Ltd., in order to provide engineered solutions, was a great help.&quot;<br /> <img border="5" hspace="5" alt="" vspace="5" width="450" height="175" src="/uploads/image/Ziekenhuis%20022.JPG" /></p>

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