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Monday, October 01, 2007

Evac+Chair International has just provided The NEC Group Birmingham with an easy evacuation solution for the mobility impaired.

On choosing Evac+Chair, Head of Safety Martin Smith said, “Evac+Chairs were quite simply suitable for the purpose. The group needed a number of chairs and Evac+Chair offered a practical and good value solution”.

The NEC Group, which includes The NEC, The NEC Arena, The NIA, and The ICC, fully accepts its responsibility for the safety and well being of all visitors and staff. The group pledges to provide full access to all through ramps and lifts, but recognised the need to have an evacuation procedure in place for times when it would not be safe to use lifts.

In response to this, The NEC Group has recently purchased Evac+Chairs for both staff and public stairways in its arenas, auditoriums, exhibition centres and offices. The Evac+Chair allows one person to transport a mobility-impaired individual through a safe, controlled descent, without the need for lifting or for great physical strength. The chairs are lightweight yet can carry a payload of up to 150kg, and are suitable for use on steep stairways with a maximum angle of descent of 40°. Evac+Chair also offer a slimline model which is ideal for theatre and auditorium aisles.

The NEC Group is very pleased with the Evac+Chairs, “With Evac+Chair we were able to purchase a large quantity of chairs at a relatively low cost. Most importantly, the chairs give us peace of mind.”

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